Comparing this shoe to the first one, what changes are in store for the second round of the Krust shoes?

For the second round, there’s a definite layer of crust support on the toe as well as a fresh layer of impact support to help you on the days when you simply can’t take the weight of gravity.

Does the Wes Kremer 2 cater to a specific style?

The Wes Kremer 2 caters to everyone who wants to keep the good times rolling.

Did you encounter any obstacles during the design process?

Oh yeah. It was tough moving on from the first shoe.

When creating a skate shoe, what’s most important to you?

It’s important to design something comfortable and supportive. You gotta be able to feel your board mate. Also, a good set of kicks to get you where you’re going before or after a rough one.

Can you recall any past DC models that you would consider game changing?

I’d say Danny Way and Colin Mckay 1’s, the Lynx, the Josh Kalis’, the Matt Miller’s and the Evan Smith’s are all game changers

The “Wes We Can” is an awesome way to campaign for the shoe. You definitely have our vote! What influenced you guys to come up with that idea?

I met up with the homies from DC’s art department and we talked about what we could do. DC came up with the idea to do the “Wes We Can” campaign because of the elections coming up. It also ties in with the release of my first shoe because it had a campaign vibe as well.

Do you remember what your first skate shoe was?

For sure, Ed Templeton Emerica 1’s was my first skate shoe.

And if you had to pick one shoe to skate for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d choose Timbo’s. – KH