This year’s Vans Shop Riot Qualifier event in Spain was a hot one, in more ways than one. It was a blisteringly hot and long day, and the sun was shining down strong, making it very intense for skating, but all the teams absorbed that heat and turned it into flames.

Life, Fvck, Kakoshop, Tactic, Bungad, VSD, BD Skateshop, Del Mar Skatehouse, South Park, All You Need Skateshop, Welcome, Gorila, Intelligent, Ola, Customizarte, Sótano Shop were the 16 shops from around the country that competed for the national title this year at Vitoria’s new skate park, Judizmendi.

The rounds were characterized by some skating from hell with outstanding street skills from Cristian Estrada ripping BD and his homie, Miki Huercano, destroying the ramps. Also, real high quality skating from local Ibon Mariño skating for Intelligent and Joanet Galceran, Cristian Sanchez and Daniel Jenks from Tactic all killing it.

The two finalists left standing were BD Skateshop and Tactic. They skated their individual rounds with outstanding consistency, especially by BD. They hardly fell off their boards and hit every part of the park. What gave Tactic the edge, though, was their mix of both extremely difficult tricks, such as Joan Galceran’s five-0, 360 flip out on a ledge and real imaginative skating from Cristian Sanchez’s side, as well as extreme consistency of hard tricks by the third team rider, Daniel Jenks.

Overall, it was a killer day of real hot skating. Until next time!

1 Tactic
2 BD skateshop
3 Intelligent Sk8shop