The latest stop of the Vans Shop Riot series took place in Faelldeparken, Copenhagen, Denmark. Shops from Finland, Sweden and Denmark all competed for a place to represent the Nordics in the European finals taking place this September in Portugal. The teams delivered a high level of skateboarding even though the rain was pouring down most of the day, causing the contest to move to the evening.

After three runs from each team on different obstacles throughout the contest, both Ponkes from Finland and local team, Circus Circus, from Denmark totally killed it. Hollywood from Sweden took third place with a team that included riders: William Hall, Mateo Bergil and Alex (Plankton) Andersson. Judges had a hard time deciding on first and second place due to the consistency from both teams and the high quality of tricks landed. However, a winner had to be chosen! Second place went to Ponkes from Finland with their team consisting of local Vans team manager, Nikke Alin, and his teammates Niilo Nikkanen and Benjamin Blom. So in the end, the winners of Vans Shop Riot Nordics edition 2016 went to the local Danish team, Circus Circus. The guys were on fire and their team rider, Alexander Risvad, delivered multiple high tech tricks, especially across the rail/stair spots during the contest.