There’s a new skate hall in Stuttgart! Well, it’s in Bad Cannstatt, to be exact, and it looks great. The so-called “Stuttpark” was built by Yamato Living Ramps and features a bunch of stylish obstacles and details. The overall look of the hall includes elements that you’ve probably only even seen on the street or in an industrial park before: lane markers, clinker bricks and a dope rail which looks like it came straight out of the legendary San Fran spot, 3rd and Army.
From the moment they saw the first pictures, Team Titus knew they had to have a session at the new hall! Farid Ulrich was unfortunately injured at home, and Markus Blessing was in poor condition and couldn’t contribute much to the session. Nevertheless, the rest of the crew decided they needed to give the Stuttgart skate hall a test run. Check out the clip with Yannick Schall, Patrick Rogalski, Vladik Scholz and Jost Arens.