-It’s SPoT’s 25 Year Anniversary!
-Louie Lopez won in 2017 and will be back this year to defend his title
-The winner gets a Golden Ticket to the SLS Super Crown this fall
-The top placing Non-SLS pro at Tampa Pro qualifies onto the SLS World Tour
-The weekend kicks off with a Fish And Destroy tournament in the Gulf
-They are doing a Death Race around the course Friday Night
-Converse Concrete Jam is happening in the bowl out back on Saturday

They’ll be giving out tickets all month to our followers on Instagram/ Twitter (@SPoTTampa), via SPoTTampa.com and through Facebook.

– 1/29 – Wheelbite @SPoTTampa
– 2/6 – Skatepark of Tampa on Facebook (Pro Trivia contest)
– 2/12 – Digital Product Toss at SPoTTampa.com
– 2/19 – Wheelbite @SPoTTampa
– 2/26 – Twitter (Pro Trivia contest) @SPoTTampa