BoltDa Skateshop is the small result of a big dream. David Heylen, the neighborhood skater who’s been on his skateboard for more than 25 years, faced a bit of a midlife crisis. That and of course the fact that the small city of Herentals was going to get 2 brand new parks in 2017, made him start his own shop.  The shop is located in the centro of the city nearby one of the two parks.

With all the parks being build, David has a strong believe skateboarding will grow in the area. With already two sponsored riders and a successful contest BoltDa is doing well. You can always visit them to get your hands on major brands like Primitive, Almost, ToyMachine, Polar Etnies, … When it rains you can even catch a good old fashioned skate movie or listen to music at BoltDa and they have fresh coffee. 

The name BoltDa is not your traditional skateshop name. It’s dutch and it refers to the reaction a skater has when he first enters a new spot. It’s a question that actually says: ‘Will I be able to ride here?’ or ‘Can I get up to speed to land that trick?’ When a skater is able to ride there and he just needs a quick fix on gear, clothes, hats or shoes. All he needs to do is visit his local dreamer David at BoltDa. or Instagram : @David Heylen