What type of music did you hear the most growing up?

Sofia: It was always mixed. My dad would play a lot of Country or Rock and Roll. My mother is from Chile so I had a big Latin influence as well and growing up in Switzerland I was exposed to a lot of pop or Top 40. When youtube came out I was able to explore music on my own and started to hear My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, The Used bands that weren’t the norm in Geneva and my world of music started to grow and influence me differently as an artist.

Okan: It was mostly Turkish Pop or Folk. The Rock scene was so small in Turkey those days. My big brother introduced rock music to me and my whole world has been changed from that moment. I used to listen to metal and hardcore bands a lot in high school. But as I grow up, my music taste got mellower.

Can: There was a lot of 90’s Turkish Pop Music in my childhood. In mid-school I discovered punk and everything has changed for me. I’m still listening those bands and those albums but I added sooo much more genre to my archive since then.

What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Sofia: It was just always there and it was the one thing I could do. It was the one thing I never questioned my self in. I would tell my parents “ I want to be a singer when I grow up can I go to school for music?” and my parents said “There aren’t schools for music only one in a million make it” but ones I started to grow up and still only saw my self doing music for the rest of my life my mom started researching music schools and colleges for me and then it was becoming more serious for me but the wanting to pursue a career in music has always been a part of me, when you’re an artist you can’t escape it because at least for me if I’m not creating or singing I slowly start to loose my mind and I become a different person.

Okan: I don’t have a specific moment like that. I loved creating music more and more as I did.

Can: I had a toy guitar when I was in mid-school and I used to play with that guitar all the time. I used to pretend like I’m on the stage. One day I figured out that these plays just not enough. I need the real shit!

What sets you apart from other bands/artists today?

We always try to push the boundaries of genres.

For those who have never seen or heard your music before, how would you describe your music for the public audience?

Marilyn Manson meets Evanescence meets My Chemical Romance

If you had to categorize your music, what genre would it best fit?

Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Gothic horror

Are there any stories surrounding your songs that you’d care to share?

All of our songs have their own respective stories. For instance “Red Lipstick Murders” is about an innocent witch who witnessed that her coven slaughtered by the villagers. And she starts to take revenge by killing them one by one.

What do you do with your time away from music?

Sofia: Well I also work for the Madden brother at their music Management company, MDDN, so I am around music almost all day but when I’m not I like to go home and hang out with my dogs do some gardening, go on walks. I try and be outdoors and away from my phone.

Okan: I own a jewelry brand with my wife. We make handmade jewelry.

Can: I love comic books and I write a lot.

Any upcoming shows/tours/news?

Yes we have a couple show coming up this month. On the May 12th opening up for “A Poison Alibi” and “Almost Awake” on there tour The Bad Behavior Tour in Colton, CA and The Hub. Then we have our first Acoustic show on May 31st at The Other Door Bar in Burbank, CA.
We are also working on getting our second single ready to put out, which we can’t wait to share! – MB