Lenny Rivas


Lenny Rivas



Lenny Rivas was hard to get to. He was always doing something. Many times I lost his all black, leather lined hat in the crowd. I had to wait until he was done signing the skateboards and posters of all the fans to speak to him.


EC-Where are you from?


LR-San Diego, California.


EC-Do you still live there?


LR-I do.


EC-What’s it like growing up there? It’s a big skate scene right?


LR-Yeah, it’s a big skate scene. I grew up in the ghetto. That’s called National City. I grew up skating those streets. I still love it. It’s my hometown.


EC-Do you still live in National City?


LR-No, I had to move out. You know, I got some money so, yeah I gotta move out the hood but I’m always there. Every day.  My mom lives there, family, friends. Everything. I’m always back.


EC-When did you start skating?


LR-I was like ten years old.


EC-How’d you get into it?


LR- My aunt bought me a cheap Walmart skateboard for Christmas. After that I learned a couple of tricks and started figuring out that I had cheap board so I stepped it up to a real good board. I started getting better at it by time.


EC-So your aunt got you into it randomly, and look where you are now. Does she remember that she got you the board?


LR-Oh she knows that. She’s always asking me for gear and all types of stuff. I have to pay her back.


EC-Yep, you owe her. What’s your favorite skateboarding video of all time?


LR- I will go with Fulfill the Dream, it’s a Shorty’s video. I like Brandon Turner, I grew up watching him skate. He is in jail right now. Free Brandon Turner.


EC-What are your other passions?


LR-I love music and graffiti. I love doing art.  I love tagging everywhere.


EC-What are your plans when you get back?


LR-First thing I do is chill with my little man. My kid.


EC-Right, you just had a baby. How old is he now?


LR-Nine months. I miss him so much. So yeah, I’m going to live the dad life.



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