With Nike SB, Adidas, New Balance and other shoe corporation coming into the skateboard shoe world and trying to take it over.  Skater owned companies have to step it up to compete with these monsters.  Lakai came out fighting with there own Nike SB chill shoe called “FREMONT”. Lakai expands on the XLK™ category but concentrates on performance, styling, and comfort. They checked out the technology that is found in running footwear, they add there own twist with a an easy slip-on neoprene collar and LUX-LITE™ sockliner for additional comfort and support. The final touch of the “FREMONT” it’s made of all mesh so it’s completely breathable for traveling or at a chilling at a bar. – lakai.com

We are stoked that are good homie, Stevie Perez’s first pro shoe, the “Flaco” represents his style and finesse. This is a shoe that is ready for long days of shredding in the city. Grads homie – lakai.com