Day skateboard International is approaching and we cook you a session special flavors What menu? At 11, he met Goldie warm up the Hkarbim Hldg’im and Hgafim! From there we will begin Lhtglgs towards Gap McDonald’s that there’s nothing like cold ice cream and Strick good! After unloaded the spot and finish the ice cream drop around tricks Cinematheque! and as you think, well there we will not leave you empty-handed! and if you thought that was enough // we will continue to push for another couple of spots that silence is not nice to them and see what we remove them. and of course how can we without a dessert good finish today Bbastrik on 9 Goliath ! spotlights, street, skateboarding nine steps, full of treats longest day of the year! So what are you waiting for? Begin to warm up and meet there! ZION // // HOMEGROWN SKATEBOARDING MADE FOR THE CONCRETE JUNGLE