Franco Simeoni


Franco Simeoni



Name and where you from?

My name is Franco Simeoni, i was born in Argentina and now i’m living between Italy and Austria.


Years skating?

I got involved into skateboarding when i was 13/14 and now i’m 21


Who are your sponsors?

I ride for Zoo York, adidas skateboarding for Italy, and


How did you come to these sponsors?

Zoo York came when i began to study in Innsbruck, the local Zoo York Store wanted to put on a team and i’ve got luckily in by sending my footage. Fakieshop is a local shop from Meran and they wanted to put me on the team when i was like 16 since that moment i began to skate more in the streets. Adidas i’ve just got lucky i get so much stuff definitely hyped on that thanks too Richard from adidas!! For skatenostro you should ask Johnatan Gallo he’s the bowse!


What’s your set up consist of?

I’m actually riding a zooyork deck bodega series by Brandon

Westgate 8, thunder trucks team edition, autobahn wheels and reds bearings.


How did u get into skateboarding?

When i was a child my school was situated near a skatepark but i’ve never wanted to try to skate there because the locals acted like assholes. I can remember the first time i went there some stupid guy grabbed my board and smashed it on the floor.By the way I decided to skate just some random flat grounds near my home.


Who is your favorite skater?

RICKY OYOLA but they’re a Chewy Cannon,Leo Valls, Johnatan Gallo, Simon Meister


Favorite spot to skate?

Just pushing around the city and trying to skate everything 


Best thing about skateboarding?

Being able to forget about everything, when you’re pissed about something just grab your board with your friends( i know it could sound obvious hah ).But the best thing i think is the creativity you can express through your skateboarding



What were the best trips you went on, thanks to skateboarding?

Maybe when i was in Amsterdam..such a beautiful city! but I really don’t know I just try to have a good time every time I skate


What are your best results?

I don’t like so much contests, I Just placed like 3 at the “Blast The Big One” and sometimes won some random best tricks by doing inward heelflips down gaps hah


Worst trend in skateboarding?

The worst trend in skateboarding is to turn skateboarding into a trend.It’s not about street league, big rails, big gaps or wearing like your favorite professional skateboarder.There are so much persons without personality that wear or act like their idols… they look like a copy of a copy of a copy..


Any good skate stories?

Definetly a lot.. maybe the day when i learned how to ollie 


What’s your go to trick at any spot?

Well it depends from the spot..i just start with some basics, because try to land directly the trick you figured out is kind of hard, i think there’s a long process behind every trick and involves the filmer too.


A Perfect day, what would it be?

A perfect day would be without internet, mobile phones, without all these stupid things just skating and not being able to think about anything but skating. – B.Hess



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