Don’t Break It Organization




Jacob Hammond decided to enter skate contests for one reason only and that was to win decks to give them to people who could not afford one. He entered many contest winning first and second place. Board after board Jacob won and every board was given away to someone that needed it. Jacob’s need to expand helping others he decided to design his own skateboarding line called Don’t Break it. also know as D.B. ITAutobahn has played a huge part in this project by donating wheels. Jacob had told autobahn about the organizations he started and they quickly responded to help. Jacob is trying to stop people from breaking their decks & give them away.Today Jacob Hammond is very busy with his organization and also touring with AIN a clothing line owned by Pro Anthony Shetler of World Industries. Jacob is also a Flow Skater for World Industries and sponsored  by Grindstone Park. Skate for peace also has been huge promotors of Jacob. You can see picture of Jacob there every week on their site. 

     This organization was founded in 2012 to give back to people in need of a skateboard deck. Jacob Hammond is looking for people to donate used skateboard decks so that we can give them to people in need. There are so many gifted skateboarders out there. Jacob doesn’t want people to not skate because they do not have a deck. Jacob is trying to stop people from breaking their decks & give them away.


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