Last Friday, On 12.01.2017 At a local venue in Tel Aviv, “Levontin 7”, The Israeli skate scene had a screening of a video shot and edited by Jeremy Knott, An american videographer who visited Israel to film the local rippers.

“Dog Pound 2” is the successor to the first “Dog Pound” video which came out the previous  year.

It was shot in one week and features Israels finest like Noam “jimmy” Be`er, Aviram Shiker, Itamar Kessler and Ofer Or, to name a few.

Great skating at the roughest spots Tel Aviv has to offer.

Here are a few shots from the premiere, Starting with a couple of tricks by Sean Rosenzvaig at a stair set + gap in front of the entrance, Everyone hanging out before the screening (no screen shots of the video unfortunately)  and continued with a live show by a local band called “Java”

The video is available on the True Skateboard Mag website