Brett Sube





When did you start skating and who or why did you get into it?


Not sure the exact date! Christain Hosoi gave me my first board when I was like, two or three. I would roll around on my knees and go down this hill I had in front of my house all the time. Around six or seven is  when Christian showed me how to Ollie and 5050 red curbs! The next year he got me a classic Hosoi kicker ramp. That’s when I really fell in love with skateboarding.



What’s your go to trick when you first warm up the trick that says whether its gonna be a good shesh or not?


Ollie over a trash can standing straight up. If I don’t do it first try, my legs aren’t really feeling it! Hahahahaha



You ride for Stacks how did that come about?


Well one of my really good friends Sebo Walker hooked that one up!! Thanks Sebo!






What is your favorite skate trip you have gone on and was there total caos going on?


Every trip is kinda chaotic and super fun at the same time! But if I had to choose one, it would be the most recent trip to NYC. It was my first time there and I stayed at my buddy Danny Supa’s house. It’s a fucking concrete jungle man!! Painting and skating all day and night! Spots look sick on film and I like how it’s ruff as fuck, so its kinda challenging to skate a spot! Can’t wait to go back. There was a lil extra chaos on this trip though.. I went to jail for putting up a AutoBahn Wheel Co sticker by an undercover cop rolling around in a taxi! Shit sucked but I definitely feel like I got the whole NYC experience in one trip! Hardtimes but Goodtimes!!



Whats your set up?


Stacks Skateboard (Size 8), 50 mm Autobahn Side Cuts, Indy 139 Koston Hollows, Skate Sauce Grip Tape, Bone Swiss bearings and Diamond Hardware



Who do you think should be president should it be Sammy Baca or P-diddy?


Sammy Baca Fosho!






What is your daily routine?


Wake up 8:30 am, shit, shower, brush teeth. Take Mr. Hendrix on a morning skate. Check HellaClips, drop my girl off at work at 10am. Skate all day till around 7 or 8 pm then go home to chill and make dinner! Start right back over the next day.



The most annoying thing in skateboarding today?


Just random people and security guards negative attitudes towards skateboarding.



Who else do you ride for?


Stacks Skateboards, AutoBahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, Quintin Co, FootPrint Insoles, Rogue Status and DTA, Gracias LA, Spliff Allstars, Kush Pops.



How did you get on Skate Sauce?


I was skateboarding around Los Angeles with some of the sauce fam when I met Amrit, and it just went from there.



How does it feel to ride for Skate Sauce knowing there is some big names on there?


Its cool. Don’t really think about it like that.



You came out with a video part for Hard Times but Good Times, how do you feel about your part?


I was fucking hyped that I had a part! But I don’t really like watching myself skate that much.






What would be the idea shesh and who would you pick to be there skating with?


Just skating a good spot and having fun. I’ll skate with anyone! I’m all about positive vibes and having a good time.



Video your hyped on that you play before going skating?


Habitat Mosaic still gets me juiced to this day!



Hubba girls or hooters girls? Why?


Hubba Girls!! They show more ass and tits!! Most Hooter girls are busted anyways.



When filming do you get stressed out or do tricks just come easy for you?


Sometimes tricks come easy and sometimes they don’t! Yeah I get a little stressed from time to time! I try not to let it get to me



Whats next for the rest of 2012?


Skateboarding and Having Fun!!



Any shout outs words of wisdom?


Just would like to thank my family, friends and all my Sponsors; Stacks Skateboards, AutoBahn Wheels, Skate Sauce, Quintin Co, FootPrint Insoles, Rogue Status and DTA, Gracias LA, Spliff Allstars, Kush Pops and anyone who has helped me along the way! Happy Skateboarding! – B.Hess



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