So I was bored one day and decided to do a ghetto YouTube channel . It just has goof around skating, shitty filming and editing which is the purpose. I decided to do it the poor mans way as in I don’t have all that fancy editing equipment or cameras . I Don’t have a Filmer that comes film me. The real purpose is to stoke out whoever. Nowadays most people want the best tricks or the best skaters for their videos. I know that I kinda don’t always like seeing Johnny mountain dew kid all the time on videos. Don’t get me wrong the skaters today are on a level I couldn’t begin to get. I have seen stuff go down in person and just get baffled on how the young kids make some of the crazy tricks. Anyways since I am 45 and somehow still can do some flip tricks I’d figure I’d do the you tube thing and just not take it so serious but also spread the fun and that it doesn’t matter what trick you do or how old you are. Mike V. Said it in the berrics “skateboarding has rules”? This above was a screen shot of me goofing around with just a deck and no trucks . I did a little video doing tricks but this Ollie I didn’t realize how high I got so I just laughed at it since the other day someone asked how high I could Ollie so I sent them this. If your bored go check out my you tube thing look for Blair Hess Skateboarding you see coffinkrew logo click subscribe support the fun cause what the heck comment it sucks its good whatever its just for fun and that’s what you need to take from it. -Blair Hess–