A few month ago I worked on this project, nights and days of non-stop working until finally we make it! and It Was AMAZING ! we did a big exhibition of the new pro-models of Offir Karni and Pako with a projection of this video in the “KULI ALMA” bar ! and now after a long time finally we can watch it on Youtube too! hope it will make you wanna go outside and film your tricks!

Big thanks to Gadi Naor for being there all the time, WHBN for all the graphics in this video and in all of the exhibition, the “KULI ALMA” bar for making this event even bigger, and above all – “Zion Skateboards” because without them – non of this wouldn’t happened!

Best Friend Skateboards Review



Maybe you have heard of Best Friend Skateboards, but if not, you need to check them out. They stand behind their product 100%, so I didn’t hold back while testing out the deck they sent over for review. They use Clutch Distribution to supply their decks. The concave is if perfect, not too steep, but not to mellow. These decks are light and have great pop.  The graphic of the deck I tested (Shadow Box deck), being “Best Friend Skateboards”, is a dog stencil, which I really liked; simple graphic, but an amazing deck.

They make both decks and apparel, which can be compared to American Apparel and other top apparel companies. Not only are their decks solid, but their team is as well. If you’re looking for a new company to try out, make sure to try a Best Friend Skateboard !

For more on Best Friend Skateboards, check out or like them on Facebook !

Tommy Sandoval New Pro Truck


Krux Trucks presents Tommy Sandovals newest pro truck model.

The Reynolds by Emerica


Emerica presents The Reynolds, the new pro model shoe for Andrew Reynolds, available in select skate shops 3.31.13.

Adam Bertolet- Tork Trux


Tork Trux has footage of team rider Adam Bertolet.

Tork Trux- Fast Assembly


Tork Trux have a unique design making switching your trucks to your board much faster.

To see more of Tork Trux, visit

Luan Oliveira Winning Run


Check out how Luan Oliveira won the Tampa Pro 2013.

Tampa Pro Practice



Check out some Tampa Pro 2013 practice footage. Make sure to check out the live broadcast starting tonight at 6pm at HERE.

The Evan Smith Experience


Check out the full video of Element’s newest pro in “The Evan Smith Experience”.

The Delish Video


Check out the teaser for the Delish Video featuring Ben Cortez, Lheighton Cook, Jeremiah Ito, Josiah Ito, and more. Full video coming soon!