Spider Man vs. Ninja Warrior – A Skateboarding Show Down

Radioactive Spider given powers vs training from childhood in the art of espionage and assassination. Spider Man vs Ninja Warrior’s a toss up as far as i can tell each of em going toe to toe on kickflip front board, Tre Flip, Back Noseblunt and more

Jesse Perez Profile


Check out Jesse Perez in Sunny Days episode 15.

Skating With Fire


Metro uploaded a video of a skateboarder trying to skate a bowl with his board on fire.

Kevin Sandoval Full Part


Watch Metro Skate Shop’s team rider Kevin Sandoval’s full part from “Stop Filming Me”.

Kevin Sandoval Teaser


Check out Metro team rider Kevin Sandoval’s teaser for “Stop Filming Me”.

Culture Shock Trailer


Full Culture Shock video comes out June 2013.


Andrew Rebelo

Conor Holliday

Darian Spielvogel

Nate Robinson

Connor Belcourt

Kevin Phelps

and more.