Open in 2003, Nozbone is one of the most iconic parisian shop dedicated to skateboard in Paris. Our work was rewarded by The best european skate shop award at the 2016 Bright Trade show.

Nozbone is a shop but not only, it is also a place you can meet skaters from the scene and every kind of people that are part of it ( videographers, musicians graphists, artists, …), we organise many events every year and particularly the Benchmark contest that celebrates this year his 10 years anniversary by getting international (to be held in Berlin the 16th and in Paris the 24th of september), but also, signing, product launches, contests, aperos, ands many good vibes events.

We are doing our best to support the parisian scene through events but also supporting 18 riders such as Remy Taveira, Oscar Candon, Samuel Partaix, Marca Barbier, Joseph Biais, Hugo Corbin etc.( ) Nozbone dropped 2 Full length videos that you should check Rendez-Vous in 2009 and Café Clope in 2014, some more are to come héhé.

We are carriying the best and most legit skateboarding brands that you can find also online on our webstore.

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