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_20160912_122007Skateboarding is so big right now. It may not seem like it is but I’m talking mainstream. I didn’t really want to get into it but what the heck. The Olympics has been a big topic as far as what skateboarding and it’s future is running toward. I have an opinion or opinions on this . I am going to start off with my first reaction and that is What the Fuck is this shit. Now before you throw all that hate let me just break down my opinion. Skateboarding doesn’t need the Olympics the Olympics needs skateboarding. Now that being said think dollar signs. I had a conversation with someone that doesn’t skateboard and found it most interesting. This person said why I don’t back it. I just said its another way for corporate america to rape our culture and lifestyle to make money . Now let me point out I don’t call any pro that rides the wave a sellout because in reality when your young you always wanted to be pro and travel .Without money there is no traveling unless you are a great at getting everything free. Also if you are pro as an adult you have to pay to live most of the time. I remember a time when skateboarding was hated and despised for no apparent reason. Jocks in school were bully’s and I personally have had many times my board was taken away by the principal. Fast forward to today. Every Tom,Dick, and Harry wants to be a skateboarder which is great but for those companies that see skateboarding as a money maker and do make money off our culture what have they really given back. How are skate companies going out of business if there is all this money made. So now we made it to the Olympic status . how can you judge tricks on a point system . What makes a kickflip back tail worth more then another trick. I don’t get it and yet being a skateboarder I do . when a regular average person watches these events does not have the appreciation of a regular street run . if it isn’t on a very super doof ramp which I admire the skaters that can do that super amazing or it has to be a death defying street course then its not skating. I guess its like when everyone looks at long boarding or riding a penny see me skating they compare me to them which yes we skate but no they don’t do what I do. My opinion its the future who cares they are gonna exploit and use skateboarding and then leave it as most corporate things do I for one do not agree with the Olympic idea but I’m also old school in some thoughts and today’s kids want that money so make that money but I will always be against this idea .


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