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How long have you been skating and who or what got you into it?


I’ve been skating for about 18yrs. Just seeing the older guys who I thought were the cool guys skating down the street from my house got me curious and amped to skate. I still see some of them to this day. Shout out to the OG Sam Holiday.



You have skated for habitat what was it like in the Habitat days?  


The Habitat days were some of the best days and years of my life man. I learned alot of life lessons and just all around real shit from all of those dudes. Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Joe Castrucci made my dreams a reality. Traveling the world non-stop we jelled into a family. To this day i still hang out with Fred Gall, Tim O’Conner, Kerry Getz, and Danny Garcia. These dudes are still my good ass friends. Leaving Habitat was possibly one of the worst decisions in my life and Im ok with it and can live with it. The handshake deals Carter did was the way to go. Thats all I gatta say about that.



You switched to Plan B which seemed like everything was going your way what happened with Plan B and why did you leave?


I had a meeting with Danny Way and Colin McKay in San Diego at some sushi spot. My DC shoe was dropping at the same time as all this. It was supposed to be a great move for all of us. Honestly, its just the way i work and im a little more laid back and Colin understood that. I guess basically i felt way more comfortable with the guys i grew up with at Alien Workshop and Habitat. I just distanced myself a bit  too much and caught a bullshit charge in Arizona and blah blah blah…   I was then dealing with my own demons and that explains some of my disappearing acts, so i totally understand why plan b and i parted ways. Colin and i will always be cool. He is a good dude bottom line.



You seemed to disappeared out of the lime light what were you doing ?


I really just needed some time to figure out a few things. Yanno alot of bullshit happened like county time and probation. It just sucked because i couldn’t leave the state of NJ. But now im off probation and really amped on life. I will never go through that shit again. I promised myself that hundreds of times and i intend on keeping that promise.



What made you decide to start Lock down Skateboards?


Basically being trapped in New Jersey and being on probation. For about a year i would just take my ipod to the beach and listen to alot of different music. I kept on saying to myself that i wanna help certain new guys out and do things my way. As for the name, my best friend Rich and I came up with it one night at a bar in Jersey. Thats it! I finally turned a bad situation into a good one.



What is the hardest thing about starting a company?


Pulling the trigger! You just have to believe in yourself, even when people are trying to keep you down. Ive been through enough shit in my life that some baffone talking shit on the internet doesn’t phase me one bit. I don’t read message boards or youtube bullshit. Im not worried about anything or anyone except for family and the friends that stood by me through all the bullshit. Thanks yet again



I was pretty hyped to hear your doing a company then i heard you put on Ronson Lambert which i think he is an amazing skater as well. how did that come about?


This recession has a lot of really talented guys with no boards man! that shit is fucked! I know Ronson has been burned before in the industry yanno. We got each others number through a mutual friend and we both agreed on everything immediately right off the bat. If he believes in this company from the ground up, day 1, I believe in him 100%. Ronson is one of the last insane tech dudes left out there. He also has a great head on his shoulders. He is actually in New Jersey right now as i writing this. We flew him to Jersey to skate and talk. Good news…



Have you had your eye on anyone else for the team?


Yes I have a few but haven’t approached anyone yet. As a clever friend once told me slow and steady wins the race.



Will you be coming out with a new part soon i know im hyped to see it?


Only time will tell my man. stay tuned…



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Describe to me what your definition of a true skateboarder is in your mind there are so many gimmicks and fake companies trying to cash in on skateboarding kids don’t even know whats what i feel?


A true skateboarders every kid out there that loves it soo much that they eat, sleep, and breathe skating. They would choose skating over girls, family, jobs, and school. The real recognize the real.



Who do you skate with these days who hypes you up the most?


These days i mostly just skate with true friends and just some local kids. As for pros, just my man Tim O’Conner and Fred Gall. I usually lay low , but when i film, im all for the 20 man crew session ya know.  Friends hype me up especially child hood friends…



Any videos you have to pop in the player before you go skating?


Any PJ Ladd, Ronson Lambert, Ian Reid, Spencer Brown, Gino, Keenan, and a local youtube rider from jonney E. But usually music inspires me the most.



Whats your set up when you put together a new board and do you have any things like you have to have a certain color deck or anything  that u go by when setting up a new board?


The only thing i must do is the sideway grip tape on the tail. That shit started in NYC. People in Cali used to trip on that! So here ya go: the griptape thing i explained above, 50mm wheels, Indys, Lockdown board, and im good to go. When it comes to boards alls i need is Chapman wood and thats it! Anything from 7.75 to 8.25, i don’t care.



Whats gonna happen with Lockdown skateboards sent in 2013 any trips planned?


YEAH Coney Island Boardwalk in Long Island having a team meeting at the freak show!!!!! Nah im jokin….     But yeah man we will be out in Cali soon and all that. For now we will be in Philly, NYC, and good ol NJ. We are actually going to LOVE Park this sunday and bringing Ronson there,. The dude is amped. 



Any words of wisdom to give to the  skaters out in the world or shout outs?


I would like to say to all the kids coming up to be very humble. Appreciate the free t-shirts, hoodies, boards, food, grip, etc… Focusing boards is just ridiculous. Kids these days would die to get a used board. And if you do make it far enough in the industry, stay loyal and just be yourself. Don’t follow the coolest new trend. Just do you!!

Shout out to my family, rich, friends, Chapman brothers, and all the people that supported me through the years. I love y’all!!!     Keep it fucking moving baby!!!!!….  over n out  – B.Hess









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