When did you realize, skating was becoming less of a hobby and more of a profession?

I realized skateboarding was becoming less of a hobby and more of a profession when I started to travel a lot more and skate contest. It’s been really fun.

You just released your first web series. What’s your favorite episode of Let’s Get it Wright and why?

My favorite episode of Let’s Get It Wright was when I went home to see my family in Planet Jupiter, skate my home park and get ready for Tampa because I hadn’t been home in a while and it was awesome seeing everyone.

How did growing up with Floridian roots shape you?

Growing up in Florida shaped my roots to skate harder and appreciate things more cause we didn’t always have the best stuff to skate growing up compared to California.

How did you get into skating?

I got into skating because of my brother honestly. He’s in an episode of Let’s Get it Wright, I think. He had gotten a board for Christmas one year and the next year I asked for one and here we are.

Who inspires you and why?

All the bro’s I skate with inspire me cause I feel like we’re all tryna come up and make a way, for sure.

One episode is about the Tampa Am. What’s your favorite thing about competing/about competing in your hometown?

My favorite thing about competing is when it’s time to go, there’s no holding back, you’ve gotta give it all. And when you’re competing in your hometown, it’s pretty sick because when you go to drop in everyone’s all fired up for you and you can feel that energy.


What does a competition day look like for you? Do you have anything you always do before you compete?

Competition days are mellow for me. I just wake up and stretch, then try not to eat… I don’t know why but I just do that and then head to the park and get ready!

How far in advance do you plan for a contest? Do you need to the see the course layout first, or do you already have ideas when you show up?

I really don’t have a strategy I just try to go with the flow usually. And yeah, I’d like to see the course layout first, it helps with my ideas and gets rid of some of the mystery.

Who’s your favorite person to skate with?

My favorite people to skate with are Jamie Foy, Ishod Wair, Kyle Walker, and all the homies. 


What’s your take on recent trends in skateboarding?

I think the trending stuff is cool but I don’t actively partake in it, I like to just sit back and watch – SD