Where is the Evil

28_imagejpeg_2So I keep seeing this all over social media and I have to say if this is real what a bunch of kooks. Where and why would a church ever put this on their sign. Now isn’t the church suppose to spread love and not hate . Who said skateboarding is evil can we be rid of this evil. Its like saying you can send a gay man or woman to a straight camp at church and change who they are. To change someone without knowing them or shall we say judging them . I do believe that in the bible says ahh God will be the judge on everyone not to get religious on anyone im sure everyone has had to read this book when they were little. Now lets figure out why the church came up with this hmmm could it be because one little shit head got caught smoking weed or skating a place where they shouldnt. Could it be in all the videos nowadays weed and every other thing that is wrong with society is now put in skate videos and a concerned parent freaked out and took their kid to church to be exercised of the demons . That seems to be why skaters are judged today. I know everyone has his or her opinion of what skateboarders are suppose to be. I remember back when big pants were in style then the rave kids started to wear jencos and all of the sudden we were called ravers . Why is it that skaters are always labeled as evil or bad kids. I always see ads on tv that make skaters out to be the biggest weed heads or trouble makers. When a skate park gets all painted up with tags the park gets shut down always blamed on skaters for doing it. I have to say in all walks of life there are people that do drugs case in point Lance Armstrong he got busted and now you don’t hear anything about it. I believe it depends on the person not the group of people . I have to say when stuff like this happens it just shows if anyone needs to be stop is organizations that influence this kind hate and they can pretty much go and kill themselves . I would love to email this church so if anyone knows where this church is I would love to give them a piece of my mind considering I have done a lot of fundraisers to help out the community and so has alot of skateboard companies and this lack of real knowledge on skaters and skateboarding is ridiculous . I think if any church says stuff like this everyone should rally together out front of said church and give them a big FUCK YOU

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