Last night as I was loading up groceries I opened my trunk to this sight. No matter what I always have a trunk load of skateboards. This time I had a deck for the whole family to skate. Now of course there are certain decks I use for certain things and to have fun with. I have my regular board when I want to skate hard and learn something new. Then with all the retro Powell Peralta reissues of course I am gonna have fun riding one the hawk was one of my favorites to skate street with back in the day. This Hawk also doubles as my girls cruising deck as well. Then you have a kryptonics for the daughter for cruising and also she uses my board when skating a park. Then a mini Darkstar for the 8 year old who he is learning the basics. Under the Darkstar one of my favorites is the Tired skateboard. I set it up as my ditch/ double sided curb board with rails. Very 90’s shape and a lot of fun. I love the fact that everyone in the family skates. Most people that open their trunk either has nothing or a spare tire or whatever. When I look at mine I see freedom,adventure,and fun. So whats in your trunk?  -Blair Hess-