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Its crazy how history repeats its self, I remember when the industry was going through a huge change in the 90’s. Pro’s leaving big brands to start there own company, Nike was trying to get into the industry but the door closed fast on that one and shops start to carry the smaller brands. Now its 2015, Nike bought its way into the industry, pros are leaving their brands to start their own company and shops are starting to pick up smaller brands.   



Back in the 90’s San Diego was huge for skateboarding and every company was calling SD home. Now, companies call LA home and if you want to go to a event you have to go to LA.  Things are about to change in San Diego an why do I say that,  skateparks are being built all around San Diego, DIY spots are popping up everywhere, and smaller companies are starting to rise up.  Our very own Tyrone “T-Bone” Olson joined up with Dave Frey & Danny Marcado to start up “Washed Up Warriors”. They went to the streets of SD and picked up some of the upcoming skaters “Jeremiah Bryant, Matt Sosa, Jeremy Nichols, Mike Hamilton, DJ Martin, Germ, Ben Dunn, Luke Hampton,  Chuck & Robert Thompkins and pro Dave Coyne”.  Keep your eyes out for this brand  and they are in the works to drop their first video “HighLife”  to your local skate shop  Summer 2015. – http://washedupwarriors.com



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  1. Travis mother fucking Reid
    Travis mother fucking Reid says:

    Tyrone was so angry at a local demo. I how this ain’t the way your company expect to represent itself. Drop Olson is my opinion. What a lame dude to stomp out his “warrior” board after 20 mins of skating.


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