So yesterday was go skateboarding day but for most of us we have to work all day and don’t get to partake in all the cool events . so I decided to go skate after work but it was raining so since i felt like skating I hit up a garage. Did some tricks. What was cool is i posted this wall ride and someone asked for advice on doing them. Which I thought was pretty cool. I remember learning them and people called them F.H.O.’s (fucking hard ones). It was just so raw and tough of a name . so id figure id give a little knowledge of how to do them . I kinda think they to me are like doing mannys just popping up on the wall. Approach wall with speed then right before the wall lift your front trucks up like a manny. Then with speed you boost yourself on the wall using the momentum to push up. Turn asbif you are skating a bank ramp. Using your toes and foot to turn yourself . turn quickly and let your tail pop up and basically do almost a wheelie off the wall . Ride away that easy. Hope that helped a little in learning wall rides .–Blair Hess–.