Who remembers Skate Rags clothing? I remember Vision pants and Powell mini rat pants . Everyone I knew had at least one of these. Skate Rags came out around late 80’s till about I believe 90′ or 91′. I thought they were the shit. Skulls down the side like how Vision logo was. These pants were marketed to not rip like the other brands . Another feature were elastic waist and at the bottom of the pants.  So they would not get in the way or you could pull the legs up if your hot. I remember them coming in my local skate shop and being blown away. I couldn’t buy enough of this brand. As a young skater still trying to figure out what my style or trend was at the time these called to me. I do remember the elastic bottoms use to rub my leg and always give me burn. They were hot as hell because of the material they used. I wish I still had a pair, still to this day, they was one of my favorites for sure.    –Blair Hess–