Russia have been doing Vans Shop Riot for the last few years however this was the first time we took it to St Petersburg instead of Moscow. The contest went down in a new concrete plaza located in the Yanino district. Locals Boardshop №1 have dominated the Russian event ever since the first contest in 2013 but this time we saw a whole new level of competition. Besides Moscow and St Petersburg six more cities were represented, with twelve skateshops in total entering the competition.
Skvot from Moscow defeated local team in the battle for third place. They were lucky as Destroy and Boardshop№1 fought against each other only in the finals because they were by far the best two teams. Boardshop№1 gave everything but the guys from Destroy were just to good on the day! So Russia got a new winner and the Destroy team will represent them at the European finals in September. Sergey Glushenko, Misha Stepanov and Kirill Platonov made up the completed the team sheet for Destroy and we look forward to welcoming them to Portugal later in the year.

After the contest people continued the skating before moving onto the city centre where they enjoyed another fun polar day.
Vadim Abramov won the best trick jam with a fs boardslide kickflip out.