In the third annual Vans Shop Riot Greece, more than 500 spectators from across the country had the chance to be part of a major skate event at the OAKA Skate Park. From round one, the spectators were treated to epic battles with plenty of magic skateboarding going down building up to the finals.

The last battle of the weekend was a local derby between previous years’ runner ups – Slut Boardshop and Ministry of Concrete. After an exhilarating ten-minute round, the “rats” of Ministry, Solon Charitonidis, Petros Emmanouilidis and Endrit Duro, took home first place, claiming €1000 prize money and their spot in the European final in Portugal.

Mike Vasilakis from Color Skates, was the winner of the Monster Energy Best Trick contest.

To sum it up: In a hot but windy day in Athens, the audience, the skaters and the judges enjoyed food, energy drinks and good skateboarding!

1. Ministry of Conrete
2. Slut Boardshop
3. Microxtreme