How you been Tbone, a lot of things have happened to you since you joined the pro ranks back in the 90’s.  Let’s get down to it.  You grew up in Madison WI, what was it like growing up & skateboarding in Madison?

Growing up in Madison was very good. UW campus has all kind of obstacles. Banks, rails, stairs curbs. Winters not to that fun, we skate in the basement at friend’s house or your house until some park came around. I use to skate the turf skate park in Milwaukee with Dave Mayhew back in the day. Little vert skills lol.

How old were you when you moved out to California? What made you to move out to California?

I moved out here in 94 the reason is Madison fun and all but not too much else going on work local job go to bar go home 30 below weather some time. Once I got a board I got magazines watch videos. First video I watched was streets of fire and some vision street wear very contest. Anyways was hook and California where the mag the company’s etc. nice weather all the time. Go to big bear snowboard and be back on the cold same day

You rode for Evol, what was that like? How did it end?

Yes, I rode for Evol and when we change the name to arcade and Osiris shoes same distribution alias tmag Reid. Yes, that Evol part was my first pro part 3 songs me and Reid film all day spot after spot after spot. 

You were living that skate dream by riding for Arcade Skateboards, dropping video parts with Osiris “The Storm”, TSA “Life in The Fast Lane”, traveling, and having ads in major skate mags. How did your dream crumble?

My dream never crumbled, I head to Salt Lake City be close to my daughter. Then I moved back to Madison WI. I was working, skating, filming, & doing what I do every day.

With all that happening in your life. Did you ever come out with a shoe with Osiris?

Yes, had a bunch of different style Osiris shoes

Why did you move back to Madison? Were you still skateboarding?

Move back to Madison to get my shit together and work couple of jobs. Yeah, it’s nice to be back and be close with the family but now I’m back in SD but my lovely girlfriend Tara 

You rode for small companies like Germ, Struggle, and other small companies. Was it because the industry shined on you or was it more to help the small brands out?

I started germ and as Struggle goes they ask me to ride and gave me 2 boards a month the ground out in Wisconsin ruff so I quit that.

Do you feel like the industry judges people quick on things before knowing the two sides of stories?

As the industry guys ever get too much money and get you hyped and then start again with a friend are going to stay in the money and run.  That happens a lot, I just keep my head to the sky, work out, stay healthy and push forward.  I have no time for drama, it’s going to do nothing but make you sick

You moved back to San Diego, why did you moved back?

I moved back to be back to my city, that I lived in for years and its nice here

You been killing it since you been back & being at 41. Did you feel like you hit your peak at skateboarding? Why?

Yes 41, hit my peak I’m not sure

Blasted all over the internet that your back on Osiris. I mean, everything that happen between you & Osiris. What made you go back to them?

Going back to my roots where it all started with Reid, Tmag, Tony, Chin

Are you going to be dropping a shoe with Osiris? When?

New shoe coming soon

Your started up a small board company with a bunch of homies called “Washed Up Warriors”. Tell us the story behind it & the future of Washed up Warriors?

Washed up Warriors’ skateboards was just a group of the homies at first making videos and having fun I decided to make boards for we can ride and keep doing what we love to do New video drop in soon called “Shits and Giggles”

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

Where I see myself in five years, I just didn’t want to same as I do time you know stay healthy, travel, skate & keep a smile on my face. Make sure the family is tight too

Any word of wisdom you want to say to the next skater that is going to be entering the pro ranks?

Well keep skating, do what you love, eat healthy, keep your head up & keep strong  – CH