LA-based RESIN dropped her new album Fidget “… an icy, foreboding five-pack of electronic music that ranges from slow-mo industrial to throbbing trance behind the singer’s pleading rasp.

Kansas City-based, Alt/electro/pop band, Yes You Are, drop their video, “HGX.” The track may already be familiar as it premiered on a Pepsi MAX commercial. Since its unveiling, the track has been played thousands of time, during broadcasts including the Billboard Music Awards, Oscars and The Bachelor finale. Still in heavy rotation, the song was also featured in the hit movie Bad Moms, as well as FX’s Tyrantand MTV’s Scream.

NY-based TRISTN, is released her new album, January. ​TRISTN worked with a high-powered team of producers, including the late Tom Coyne (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Adele), on “Now You Know,” Ted Jensen (Norah Jones, Muse, Green Day) on “Nothing to Say (Nothin’),” and Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios UK) and  Steve Kupillas (Oak and Ash, Brand New) on the remainder of the songs . TRISTN also co-produced the album alongside these legends and tells the story of true events of her life on January. Throughout the writing/recording process, TRISTN came into her own as both a solo artist/songwriter and producer

NYC-based, hard rock trio, Between the Rain, and their single,  “44,” which premiered on New Noise Magazine. “44” is the true account of a relative’s harrowing experience in World War II. It’s about keeping a clear head in the face of danger. “Between The Rain sound like a cross between Silverchair and that band BAD4GOOD…f*cking awesome!”

NYC-based, progressive/cinematic rock project, Orissa, dropped the new videoTara from the upcoming album, Resurrection, due out November 3, 2017.

Alt/soul rock ‘n rollers, Wyves, release their new track, “Bitch Has Got Problems” via American Blues Scene. They have already taken huge strides since their formation only two years ago. They  have shared the stage at festivals and as direct support to acts including, Gary Clark Jr, Leann Rimes, Govt. Mule, Juliette Lewis, The Stone Foxes, Bad Flower, Vista Kicks, Soft White Sixties and many more. “[Wyves] produce some purest rock ‘n’ roll in the city— straight-up, fully charged electric rock on a blues backbone with an intense live show.”

LA-born, Alt/pop act, CRANE, release their  track, “Evil,” as premiered on Mass Appeal, follow up to their recent album Fear of Flight, featuring LA pop artist, Kyle Reynolds. Fear of Flight will take listeners through a range of genres from electronic and Hip-Hop to punk.”