We are dropping “True Skateboard Mag” Channel on e360tv.com early 2018

Here is the name & the details of the show that will be playing on TSM Channel:

Carl Carpentier Show: Roastbeef – It’s about where pro sk8rs like to go eat for breakfast before they go shred. After sharing where their favorite breakfast spot is, the take us on a sk8 session.

Tyrone Olson Show: Tbone Show- talk to different pro & am skaters about their life as a skater & the ups & downs of skateboarding & much more

Blair Hess Show: Slappyhere – the show will be a mix of things from product check out, shop talk, skateboarding, spot check out & much more….

Azfar Haque Show: Fars Corner – Azfar takes a bit out of fried chicken & southern skate culture to share with you whats cooking in skateboarding in the south

Willy Santos Show: Mall Grab – is about skateboarding, friends, family & fun

Kurtis Colamonico Show: Skate Kids – Passing off the passion of skateboarding while building confidence in the Next Generation. As we guide them to set dreams & to never give up

David “Doh Doh”Rosen Show: The Doh Show – its about skaters landing a trick for the first time

Anderson Cavilha Show: Street Dreams – the series intends to show the street skate of the Itajai Valley, Santa Catarina Brazil. As is the squares & skateparks for the practice of skateboarding without leaving aside the madness that is to skate

Ben Slama Show: Hebrew Hammer: the show is about sharing everything about Israeli skate scene, the events, skateboard videos, & much more. Above it all – the love of Skateboarding

Cristian Herandez Show: Brotherly Boards: Just a group of friends from Texas trying to some clips & trying to give back to skateboarding

Dan Likhterman Show: Coming Soon

Tyler Stewart Show: Coming Soon

Ryan McCasland Show: Coming Soon

Mike York Show: Coming Soon