To Build or Not to Build



Bro bowl has been around since when I started skating years before time. I have been to it when it was so ghetto that you had to watch your back in fear of the local hood rats coming up 20 deep and jacking your shit it and robbing you. If you been around skating for years you know what i’m talking about. The kids today have it so easy they have torn town most of the project in the hood and are rebuilding the area. This is what I heard and I may be wrong or not know 100% the whole story so don’t hate on me fuck it I don’t care if you do I’m just feeling this out. There is word that they want to tear down the Bro Bowl and rebuild it into a brand new park.Now i’m down for building a good new park but let me get this straight they want to tear down a historical legendary iconic skate spot and rebuild on the exact same spot a whole new park with a replica bro bowl intertwined. Now I gotta say that to me is pretty fucking stupid since I believe it should be considered a historical landmark. Now if it was up to me I would think everyone would be down for building the new park around the Bro Bowl to preserve its culture and history . It is just an opinion yeah its not the fanciest thing there but why not keep the original and add to it just makes sense since the reason you go to Tampa is for S.P.O.T and the Bro Bowl. I must say I will be bummed if the city completely tears it down because that place is real history and if you do you are a bunch of fucking goons and you all can suck my dick . Fuck it suck my balls anyways .                               ————Blade——

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