Titus met up with Heiko from Levi’s Skateboarding in Berlin in the summer of 2015. Both of them wanted to work together on a small, sustainable DIY project which would support local skate communities. Levi’s Skateboarding hosted DIY projects in India, Bolivia and Europe in the past and Titus had their own DIY experiences in Wuppertal, Berlin, Münster and Cologne, so the whole thing made sense to them. We had a brainstorming session and decided to start another Spot Delivery Tour as a team, with the stops along the way based on Titus shop locations. The goal of the tour was to repair and upgrade existing spots and skate parks with the help of locals and to make those spots interesting again for their respective local scenes. All of the Titus stores were allowed to make spot recommendations, and lots of spots were taken into consideration. Eventually, these recommendations developed into their official tour route. They finally got started at the beginning of 2016.