I was scrolling through my pics to do a throwback Thursday and I came upon this pic. I remember when my friend Uli called me one day and asked ” hey you wanna meet Ray he is down”? Now there are few pro skaters I fan over being they are just like you and I well super great at skating but I have a select few and Ray is one of them. Of course I said yes and finally got to meet one of my favorite skaters. With 1000 questions and waiting patiently at my friend Uli’s house he finally arrives. Just the emotion of seeing someone that you grew up to and get to actually have a real conversation with is insane let alone awesome. He turned out as awesome in person as in the videos I grew up with. Now take the second time I got to hang out with him I picked him up from the hotel to take him to skatepark and when Ray saw me he remembers my name right off the bat. Now it is probably been a year and I’m sure he meets so many people I was just blown away by that. Third time Ray and Chuck Treece were doing a jam at Ramp 48 and Ray needed a shirt because his was drenched the fact he picked one of mine I created was awesome. So many people were like oh you should totally use this pic to promote my stuff. I was like no the fact that he was stoked on keep on trucking was what meant more to me then selling my shirts. The fact that two legends at the time wanted the shirt was more then anything in the world to me. To have him as a friend that when I see him is the best thing in the world. So I had to post this pic because in a reality his and a few select skaters are what shaped my skating today. -Blair Hess-