The Kayo Corp Interview


Kayo Corp Interview



On Go Skateboarding Day, the guys from the Kayo Corp  rolled by Skatepark of Tampa to skate and chill with the locals, to grub on grilled specialties of The SPoT, to sign boards, t-shirts, posters,  and to watch a kid get dared to do a backflip into the moat that filled up in front of the park during a tremendous yet typical summer thunderstorm. I had the chance to speak with 8 of the guys on subjects ranging from geometric art with Karl Watson to babies having babies with Baby Scumbag. Below are my conversations with these two and with Marquise Henry, Marcus McBride, David Rosado, Lenny Rivas, Shmatty.



Brad Rosado ( DGK TM )






Marcus McBride



Lenny Rivas



Matt Miller



Marquise Henry



Karl Watson



Baby Scumbag



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