WUB Wheels Commercial

WUB Days #1



WUB Days #1 features “Alban Millaku, Santino Exenberger, Roman Erhart, and Leo Lunger

BEEDOH Video Premiere


Part 2: 2013 Holiday Product Review



Olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens:

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Olloclip released their new version of 4-IN-1 Photo Lens.  They are giving you 4 new quick change lenses that will let you capture amazing photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad. They have improved the Wide-Angle and Fisheye lenses  that will now deliver clearer images and less lens distortion. It now you have a choice to use two different Marco lense ( 10x or 15x ).  So go out and grab the new 4-IN- 1 and capture those skate tricks, sunsets, or whatever our naked eye cann’t see



Spitfire Formula Four Wheels:

photo (6)


Spitfire has been dominating wheel brand for as long as I been skateboarding ( 28yrs ). They have always had a solid team “Eric Koston, Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, and etc.” They have a slogan “Burn Four-Ever” that tuff to beat. Spit has dropped a new formula that blows your mind its called “Formula Four” its a harder-faster ride, they claim flatspot resistance / smooth anti-stick slide, and a 100% true performance urethane. I grab a set, all I can is you will be blow away. Yes there slogan is so True!



Wray Bros Skateboard:

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Before pro skaters would stay with their sponsor for ever. Since its 2013, it has changed and now pro’s are leaving their sponsors for whatever reason. They now starting their own companies and doing better than their sponsors. Legendary brothers skateboarders “Jeremy & Jonas Wray” has started up their board company “Wray Bros”.  Keep your eyes out for this company in 2014!



Olloclip Marco 3-In-1 Lens:

Photo1 (2)


Olloclip just dropped the new version of “Marco 3-IN-1 Lens. It has 3 quick changes marco lenses that will give you that superior quality and sharper close up shots from your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has a 7x Marco, 14x Marco, 21x Marco and a InstaFocus Hood ( that is designed to diffuse the light and faciliate focusing ). If your all into getting that one shot and you need something to get it. This is for you!



Enjoi Impact Board:

Photo1 (3)


With changes, adding new riders, turning skaters pro over at Enjoi they still produce some of the best products in the industry. One of the most popular one is their “Impact” boards. If you haven’t rode one yet, your lost. If you have, lets us know what you thought of it?



WUB Wheels:



WUB Wheels is the next wheel brand that is climbing up the ladder. Coming out of the Mid-West they dropped some of the best performance wheels for being a new company. They are building team with some of the best upcoming skaters.  They got something big dropping in 2014!



Perfect Skateboards:

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Skater owned companies is where you got to go these days. In this case, Tyrone Olson is in full charge with Perfect Skateboards. Tyrone is building a solid team with good homie Oscar “OJ” Jordan, Yoshi and amazing up-coming AM riders “Josh Tello, Garrett Rathbone”. Perfect has done some callabo with “Kris Markovich, Kanten Russell and much more….” This brand is on a huge rise in 2014!



Hesperia Skatepark Montage

The new Hesperia Skatepark

In order of appearance: Victor Amezcua, Zack Apostal, Vincent Chico, Edwin Lizaola, Junior Munoz, Will Gabourel, Eric, Mo!, Marquise Menefee, Joseph Barrios

The Doomsday video is coming soon!!!!

Filmed/Edit: Edwin lizaola


Hesperia Plooza Park Montage

The shredders out in the desert of California are shredding the new Hesperia Skate Park

Featuring: Travis Lees, Lorenzo Frijas, Will Gabourel, Edwin Lizaola, Cyril Soliman, Jovi Brooks, Jez Zavala, Werner von der Heide, & Jaden Padilla

Film/Edit: Lorenzo Frijas

Additional Filming: Cyril Soliman, Walter Contreras, Jaden Padilla, Adrien Cosme

Doomsday Trailer

True Skateboard Mag filmer Edwin Lizaola is working on his first full length video entitled “Doomsday” coming this fall!

Featuring: Jose Sandoval, Sebass Guerra, Joseph Barrios, Robert Milas, Christian Momdjian, & Marquise Menefee

Knowgood Hardware Presents Eric Jones!

Knowgood Hardware welcomes skateboard extraordinaire Eric Jones!

Wub Wheels @ Saginaw Park

The homies from Wub Wheels were out killin it at Saginaw Skatepark

Featuring: Cameron Carmichael, Josh Grillo, and Zach Miyamoto.

Summer 2013 Product Review


A lot of companies dropped a lot of new products ( hardgoods, softgoods, & shoes ) for the summer. So we got a chance to review some of the new summer products that hit your local shop. Now go hit your local skate shop to grab the fresh gear that these & other companies have dropped. You know you want to be be the cool dude on the streets.






Extreme Pie is a shop in Europe that sells nothing but the best products that the Industry has to give to us. For example these classic Converse Chuck Taylors that you can rock in the club or go shred the streets in class. You cann’t go wrong with Chuck Taylors now! EP got in some fresh treads from Independent and they are pretty fresh. I look at it like this with a pair of chucks and fresh Independent thread you won’t have a problem bringing a one night stand home



photo 2 (2)


Wub Wheels is a new upcoming wheel company that is putting itself on the map. They been dropping clean wheels and fresh threads every season. This summer they are bringing you Roll Patrol Crusiers. They are good for those cruising around your city, strolling on the beach looking at them ladies, or you can just shred them at your favorite skatespot. Im using mine on the streets of Cali.



photo 3 (1)


Yes its summertime, we will be traveling, hitting the beach and whatever else we like to do over the summer. This product is good for those that live on their smart phones 24/7. Mophie is a battery juice case for your smart phones and it gives you more time to see who de friend you on facebook. They hit the industry pretty strong and built a solid skateboard team to help promote Mophie. So, they dropped this juice pack pro for the ones that like to take their smart phones to the extreme ( well drunk nights and taking photos at the beach ). What this juice pack pro offers than any other case is “Viberation & Shock, Splash & Rain, Sand & Dust, Impact Drops, up to 150% extra battery and its military proof. Yes, the military gives you the stamp of approval.





Blue Tomato is another shop in Europe that carries everything that you can think of and they built a good solid skateboard team. This summer, they have dropped some new products like new line of BT boards, BT 52mm & 54mm wheels, and bunch of new BT apparel for you to rock on the streets.



photo (4)


Sometimes you got to be open minded to try out new things and give it a chance. I rode on Gullwing Street Shadows in the 90’s, then I switched it up to Venture and now I’m trying out Tork Trucks. I will say, I’m pretty stoke on them all ready. One of the things that sold me on them is a base plate that hold your freak’n bolts in place. Yes, no more loosing your bolts while shredding a spot. I will say when you buy Tork at your local skate shop, you will be pretty stoke on them.



photo 1 (2)


Split clothing is by far the best clothing brand I have had the pleasure of wearing. Each design is a fresh new look with a light, soft, and breathable material that makes skating in the heat and other climates so much easier. No problems with the tees clinging to back you while you’ve been trying to skate a spot and are drenched with sweat. The materials are washer and dryer friendly, no shrinking after the first wash. Split isn’t like other brands where you wash them they come out looking like a barbie doll outfit. Long lasting materials and designs that are dope for any occassion. Keep an eye out Split Clothing has a lot of great things coming.



photo (3)



I saved the best for last, POW!! Skateboard is a new upcoming company out of NYC. They reminded me alot of SHUT Skateboard. POW!!! x EthicNY joined up together and dropped a sick ass collabo. A little history, the owner of POW!! is from Florida and that is why there is Palm trees in the graphics. If you do see palm trees in the city, They might have been imported from Florida. – T.Zam