Imperial Motion: PG-13

Bones Bearings Commercial

Spitfire X Skateistan



Spitfire X Skateistan released this video that is made by Skateistan’s Communications



Spitfire x Skateistan caught up with Walker Ryan in NYC to share his thoughts on how Skateistan is  helping to empower and educate youth worldwide through skateboarding



Holiday “14 Product Review


Tis the season, its one of the biggest holidays of the year cause we do the shopping all year long. Sometime we find that gift we bought back in February for Xmas and give it as a birthday present or etc.   Your  favorite brands show their upcoming line at the Agenda & Surf Expo, we get to see it before it hits the skate shops. These our the brands that are hot right now  for the holiday and you want to start making your list for Santa, now!!!!



Body Glove Surge:




 Body Glove is known for making clothes & wet suits. In 2014, they made a all natural energy shot called “SURGE”.  No worries mom there isn’t any Rum in it but that does sound good. The Surge has no artificial flavor or no caffeine in these energy shots. If you got to put up the tree, Xmas Lights, or just got to do some late night Xmas shopping.  Take  a SURGE cause you’ll get that natural energy and you won’t feel like shit.





 Frosty Headwear:




Frosty Headwear is a new brand that put their focus on hats and beanies.  For example in the picture its a “Floral  ‘Most Stay Frosty’ Snapback and a “Light Blue ‘Snowman” 5 Panel” They built a solid skateboard & snowboard team “alex nolan, ave perry, casey pflipsen, colton balentine, jesse graham, josh boise, sam silverness and sean snow”.  Frosty Headwear  is on the rise!!!!!!!





Swimmer by BOOM:




SWIMMER is a ultimate music playing accessory, offering durability, versatility and usability, never seen before in a speaker. This little thing is waterproof, Yes a bluetooth speaker that is 100% waterproof and has a flexible tail  & a suction cup attachment. So if your one of those people that love to sing your favorite song in the shower. Now, you can suction your 100% waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your shower wall and play your favorite song while cleaning yourself. It only retails for $59.95 at:









ORGANIKA is started by Karl Watson and its under the Kayo Corp umbrella. They have built a solid team “Eli Reed, Josh Matthews, Quim Cardona, and Walker Ryan” that are destroying the streets. I sat down with Karl  in Tampa, and he told me he wants to put more focus on the ORGANIKA apparel cause its a brand that everyone can wear on a daily basis.  For the holiday Karl dropped some khaki pants and some cleam tees to rock during the Xmas festivites





Nixon “The Mini Blaster”:




Nixon “The Mini Blaster” bumps full size sound out of a water, shock and sand resistant body. Built tough to go anywhere in the world with you.  You can listen to music and make calls without wires,  6-8hrs of  battery life and it comes in 8 different colors.








For this holiday, MATIX came out with some cool products: Beer socks tees and beanie, MJ Mechanics Jacket & Chino Pant, and Cheville “Flannel” shirt.  This is something I have never heard of in the 29yrs of skateboarding.  Matix has a Lifetime Guarantee it covers specifically manufacturing defects in regards to buttons, rivets, zippers, belt loops or seams. MATIX products are covered under warranty, to the original owner for the lifetime of the product. Basically, if your 50 yrs old & you have a pair of Matix jeans that you bought when you was 21yrs old. They are all screwed up with seams and belt loop broke from jumping down El Toro. You can get a brand new pair of MATIX jeans with their “LIFETIME GUARANTEE”. This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!




 HUF Footwear & Apparel:


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HUF dropped a small Holiday line for 2014, They dropped some hoodies like in the photo “Drink up Zip Up” and shoes like in  the photo “Classic Lo // Faded Steel.   If your looking for a special gift or your on a budget this XmAS. HUF has a Holiday Gift Guide for you  but make sure you grab yourself the  Butterfly Bottle Opener for your stocking stuffer.




 Skatepark of Tampa:




Skatepark of Tampa has new holiday products for your pleasure. Make sure you grab the Skatepark of Tampa Hot Spot Tee, and the Skatepark of Tampa Heads Deck for your wall collection.  Plus, Skatepark of Tampa has 100’s of  your favorite brands with just click and with free shipping.  



Organika Trail Tour



Organika krew “Josh Mathews, Karl Watson, Walker Ryan and etc.” went on  a Organika Trail and what better way to welcome Josh Mathews to the team by going on the historic Oregon Trail



Bones Bearings – Tampa Pro 2014



With Tampa Pro 2014 about to go down in 2dys, Bones Bearings is getting you all hyped up for it by making this little teaser of last year Tampa Pro 2013 it features “Walker Ryan, Steve Nesser, Louie Lopez, Zered Bassett, Ben Raybourn, Daryl Angel, Sean Malto, Ishod Wair, Evan Smith and Austyn Gillette”



. Montage



Cameron Holland dropped this collection of footage of “Ernie Torres, Christian Malouf, Alex Schmidt, Ryan Gallant, Logan Taylor, Ryan Bobier, Dee Ostrander, Chad Bartie, Shuriken Shannon, JT Aultz, Anthony Schultz, Taylor Bingaman, Jordan Taylor, Lee Yankou, Jonas Skröder, Mike Long, Elijah Berle, Sean Conover, Windsor James, Jimmy Carlin, Tom Remillard, Walker Ryan, Corey Duffel, and Chris Troy”



Recess at DA Playground: The Kayo Tour

Earlier this year the Kayo boys were on tour and of course they hit up Da Playground!

Featuring: Baby Scumbag, Lenny Rivas, Miles Silvas, Jack Curtain, Ryan Gallant, Shmatty Chaffin, Walker Ryan, Karl Watson, Marcus McBride, & Matt Miller

Marble Paradise

Dave Bachinsky, Jimmy McDonald, Walker Ryan and more!

Walker Ryan @ Da Playground



Walker Ryan stopped by Da Playground and put it down as usual! Keep an eye out for him on The Kayo Tour starting June 14th