Going big

Zach Gillespy – Ollie up


VIBE Shoes Commercial



VIBE shoes releasd this commercial for Wagner Ramos newest pro shoe. That you can grab at your local skate shop



“Zero Fucks Given”

10805771_10205402878770267_8331137120741526839_n“Zero Fucks Given” that is what  my friend Neal McClure  said as the caption when he took this awesome pic. We were all at this Day of the Dead event downtown Ft Lauderdale and I hadn’t skated in weeks . Real life creeps up and you have to work all the time so skating gets put aside until I have any spare time not being tired from working two jobs. This day however I was in a skateboarding mood . Worked all night till 5 :30 in the morning all our friends plan to go to this so of course all I wanted to do is skate .I had to bring my board and skate. So I get there it is packed but the great thing is when you see your friends and they make you hyped to skate . Neil took this pick as I was just  eating pizza just skating in middle of people being a skate rat. Just like he said its just the rawness of the photo and how no matter what I’m still a skate rat don’t care where I am that is what I sleep ,eat and breathe even when I don’t skate. Hence”Zero Fucks Given” Thanks Neil for such a great photo and skating with me that day.  –Blair Hess–

Backin’ The East


Plan B and Etnies: Christian Farstad


New footage from the Norwegian rider Christian Farstad for PlanB & Etnies

First Transfert ever done in Marseille’s BOWL

First transfert ever done in Marseille’s Bowl, made by Stéphan Boussac


Filmer: Gautier Courquin