Santa Cruz Skateboards Full-Length Video

Santa Cruz Euro Tour 2017


Expedition-One: Gone Fishin’






Espedition One gave us a early Xmas present “Gone Fishin” featuring “Tom Remillard, Ryan Gallant, Richard Angelides, Kenny Hoyle, Joey Pepper, Spencer Hamilton, Matt Miller, Zered Basset, Frankie Heck and Dylan Witkin”


Expedition-One – Tom Remillard is Pro



Expedition-One wants you to  know that Tom Remillard pro deck is out at your local skateshop or here



Perpetual Motion Remix



Watch Tom Remillard remix part from Perpetual Motion



Expedition One Welcomes…………



Tom Remillard has been on a killing spree and for that he has been boosted to the Pro Ranks! Congrats dude!

. Montage



Cameron Holland dropped this collection of footage of “Ernie Torres, Christian Malouf, Alex Schmidt, Ryan Gallant, Logan Taylor, Ryan Bobier, Dee Ostrander, Chad Bartie, Shuriken Shannon, JT Aultz, Anthony Schultz, Taylor Bingaman, Jordan Taylor, Lee Yankou, Jonas Skröder, Mike Long, Elijah Berle, Sean Conover, Windsor James, Jimmy Carlin, Tom Remillard, Walker Ryan, Corey Duffel, and Chris Troy”



Cons Space BCN



On May 18th, converse took over a disused section of the Port of Barcelona to create the first CONS SPACE. The skaters where “Kenny Anderson, Pontus Alv, Rune Glifberg, Tom Remillard, Remy Taviera, Javier Mendizabal, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Danny Sommerfeld and Ben Raemers”



Get To The Chopper



Ace Trucks has released part 3 of their tour “Get to The Chopper”  in Canada