Blind Sunday Funday



On Sunday Funday Ronnie Creager needed to shred Gardena Park



Blind Sunday Funday



Blind dropped a new Sunday Funday and this time Creager shreds at the Girl TF



Sunday Funday Video



Blind has a new sunday funday of TJ Rogers shredding at Bellevue Skatepark



Blind Sunday Funday



Blind has footage Morgan Smith shredding the streets of  Toronto. Buy their newest video “DAMN………….” on iTunes



Bradenton Skatepark



So I got a chance to skate the Bradenton park in northwest Florida and I must say it is pretty fun. I live in south Florida and we don’t get any parks like this. I still don’t get why they have not built a fun park like this where I live i have to travel just to skate a great park. This park has a good mix of everything . Stairs ,benches ,rails , mini snake run even a bowl. The down to this park is go early or late before the wheel biters and their parents come out it turns into a kiddie event with grandpa and grand ma with lawn chairs hanging near the benches and in the way . But if you havent skated it and your in Bradenton its worth checking out.

Blind Sunday Funday



Blind had a little Sunday Funday  with Filipe Ortiz Creche family