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Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson interview edit2



Where are you from and where are you currently staying?

Live in the same town I grew up in… Ventura, CA


When and who introduced you to skating?

My big brother used the skate a bunch with his friends. I wanted to be like them. Only thing is i never stopped skating like they did. I started skating at five


Growing up who were some of the skaters you looked up to?

Chris Senn. Jamie Thomas. Ed Templeton


Who are some of the skaters you look up to today?

Dennis Busenitz. Aaron Harrington. Jake Johnson. Zered Bassett. Larry who lives in my garage. My little brother Jake


What is one thing about skating that you are grateful for?

Family. My family who are animals. Skateboarding. My back yard



Mike Anderson_frontside air



What has been the hardest part for you being in the skate scene? 

Being away from family


Tell me about Loud Headphones what inspired you to start up this company and why headphones?

Always wanted to start a company. Never wanted to get in the way of any other friends company’s and Im very happy with all my sponsors so never wanted to have to quit anything. Loud Headphones is a product of me and David Broach shooting the shit and Frank Gerwers wonderful mind for a name and getting really excited about it, pulling the trigger and starting a company that would benefit the hearing impaired.


You are partnered up with “Let Them Hear Foundation” did you approach them or they to you?

The Let Them Hear foundation is a foundation who travels to mostly third world countries and performs cochlear implant surgeries which makes people who have never heard or who went deaf, hear for the first time, or again. It’s roughly a $40,000 surgery that most people can’t afford without insurance. It made sense to start Loud teaming up with Let Them Hear before we even made our first sale.


Do you ever get meet any of the people who get benefited from this foundation and how self-rewarding is it?

We did our first trip out to Costa Rica earlier this year and went along for the whole process, even posting up in the operation room then we were there when they activated the cochlear implants.



Mike Anerson_wallie



What have you got going on with skating and what can we expect to see from you?

Lots of converse trips and full length krooked video. Sooner than later I hope


Any words of advice for our readers?

Never be afraid to say “fuck it” and try something new. It can be anything. Most things that have paved the way in my life have resulted from a “fuck it” decision – JD



Mudcan: Dor Hershkovich – Grape City Funk


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IOU Premier @ The Berrics Skatepark LA 11/13/15

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