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#Tclips: Kimball Skate Park Edit 7




Lil Wayne hits the streets of Kalifornia to go shred with Evan Hernandez, YO YO, Shuriken Shannon, Andre Colbert and friends



Red Bull Curb King’s 2015



Red Bull King Curb Contest held at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, Cai. It was a blast everybody was killing it. Tclips aka Tyrone Olson making it happen by filming all day with the help of Kenny Mohr

Shuriken Shannon
Brodie Penrod
Jordan Mourning




OJ Wheels Commercial



OJ Wheels just dropped a commercial with Shuriken Shannon  shredding the streets with his new pro wheel “Shuriken MasK’. Grab them at your lcoal skateshop



In The Park



The Santa Cruz krew “Emmanuel Guzman, Blake Johnson, Sid Melvin, Shuriken Shannon, Justin Strubing, Josh Stafford and Ron Whaley” head down to So Cali to shred at Transworld skate park



Product Pillage



Strange Notes has a new “Product Pillage” with Shuriken Shannon. Comment on this video on Strange Notes to win Shuriken board in the video



Santa Cruz Commercial



Santa Cruz dropped a commercial on the new Shuriken Shannon new board “P2 Weed Panther”. Hit your local skate shop to grab yourself one



Shuriken Shannon


Shuriken Shannon cover



What have you been too since the last interview?

Skatin, Travelin, and some random side projects


What’s the best part of being on Santa Cruz?

Yea man there r a lot of great things abut the cruz like the team for one everybody kills shit another one is how much history this company has 40 yrs is a long time in the game.


What team mate still blows your mind every time you skate with them?

Everyone but Eman is a beast.


Is there a Santa Cruz video in the works?

There might be so lookout for it in the future.


Have you been on any tour with Santa Cruz yet?

Yep I’ve def been on plenty since I got on… Our last trip was to Hawaii its was epic.


How was Hawaii and did you see any Chris Senn sightings?

Hawaii is amazin… Straight up paradise but no Chris Senn sighting I saw his son at windells in portland rippin it up awhile back tho.


What’s the skate scene and spots like in Hawaii? 

The skate scene is rad all the locs kill it … I luv the tropical spots.


Back tail  by marty wojahn 1


Did you get to skate Wallows?

I actually did it was legendary especially with Salba and Eric Dressen cause those guys were killin that spot like 20 years ago its sick hearing all ol the stories they got.


You are on Ipath now. How did that come about and what made you go with them?

I am not they blew it


Who is all on Ipath now?



Is there any shoe design in the near future with Ipath?



What is the difference between Nor Cal & So Cali skate scene?

NorCal is cold and SoCal is warm.


shove wallride  by rhino


What hypes you up to skate and come up with new tricks?

Style and Grace


Anything in skateboarding that you are like WTF is that for real?

Oh There’s def a lot of Bullshit out there that’s fo sho… A lot of corporate people are takin over companies and skateboarding… All the core companies are slowly fading away while some do remain and continue to keep it real and represent skateboarding in the right way but there’s a lot of skaters gettin fucked over for shit that they cant even control like there so expendable it seems like there’s hardly anymore loyalty between companies and people nowadays… Too many two faced people in the game skaters need to take skateboarding back.


You been to Tampa Pro /AM for some years. What is your best memory that you have of those events?

Yea Tampa man is def an amazing experience its realest Comp we got so ur def gonna be having these random encounters with some of the realest heads in the game and tampa gets buck every year I cant even really pin point  just one memory they all have been G as fuck since ive been goin and ive been every year since I was about 16, im 27 now so yea Tampa is the shit.


What was the best advice someone ever gave you that you would like to pass down to the young?

Believe in everything you do… You gotta stay positive even when things can get you down and stay humble.


Heelflip by rhino 1


What will the rest of 2014 have in store for you ?

Im about to kill it this year son u dont even know hahahahaha I got a few random projects in the works so be on the look out check my insta or whateves and yea Im gonna do my best at what I do best and continue on this journey through life with my skateboard, friends, and family.


Any shout outs

Everyone thats helped me out through my life and struggles through the good and bad they def know who they r theres too many to name… Simple Times Im out. – WG