Marquis Preston





Where you from and how long have you been skating?

I’m from Palmdale California, I have been skating for 12years


Who or what got you into skateboarding?

My big brother D’monte Preston got me into skateboarding. 


Favorite skate video that hyped you up when you first started skating?

Shorty’s Fulfill the dream video was the hype. Brandon Turner, Peter Smolik, Steve Olsen & Muska


What is a typical day for Marquis ?

Chores around the house, Xbox. Skating, Action movies,Law and Order and Reality TV


Who ‘s in your crew that you shred with?

Josh Martinez



kflip 50-50 is by ben kapinski



How did Split come along?

Tradeshow Jan. 2013, I heard they were starting up again.  I thought it would be rad to ride for this company cause I always backed it since day one. Talked to Alex Yang about representing the company and he was all for it so. Yeah, greatfull.


You have a part dropping from Split. How long did it take you to film it?

Yeah, the video is up now it was released on 23rd of May 2013. It took a good six months to film for a full part.


Did you do some traveling for this video part? Where did you go?

No traveling for the project. Just local skating. It was all I can afford.


Did you have a list of spots for your video part?

No list just skated whatever was put in front of me



Favorite tour you have been on and what was the craziest thing you have seen when you have been on tour?

Paris trip with Emerica so much fun. The craziest thing I’ve saw was the military in La Defence, I think it was a shopping square or market or something like that in France, well the military would just walk around with the heaviest assault rifles. Pretty intimidating.


Best and worst thing about skateboarding?

Best thing about skateboarding is the feeling, worst thing is maybe the lack of respect from authority – B.Hess



On The Grind



Split dropped “On The Grind” a Marquis Preston full-length video part



Coming 05-23-13



On May 23, Split is dropping a On The Grind part with Marquis Preston



On The Grind

On May 23rd, Split is dropping Marquis Preston part from On The Grind