It’s A Mad World – Ep26



In the new “It’s A Mad World”,  Madars Apse & the DC crew  went for a south american session



You Call The Shots



In You Call The Shots, Madars lays down a 24 beer challenge for Eniz Fazliov in Helsinki’s Suvilahti DIY park using the shots you called! Check the episode here, and leave comments below telling us what you want to see in the next episode of You Call The Shots. 



It’s a Mad World – Episode 25



Watch the new episode of It’s a Mad World with “Madars Apse, Josef Scott Jatta, Wes Kremer, Matt Miller, Thomas Winkle & Antony Lopez” on a recent ‘Headlight Sessions’ shoot in Barcelona with Nissan & DC Shoes



It’s A Mad World Ep 24



In this episode of “It’s A Mad World”, MA takes a look back on his life a year ago



It’s A Mad World – Ep 23



Watch episode 23 of It’s A Made World, in this Madars Apse takes u through Southeast Asia for the DC Defy Convention tour


It’s A Mad World – Episode 21



In the new episode of “It’s A Mad World. Madars Apse takes us to behind the Berris of his promo photo



It’s a Mad World – Ep18



In this new episode of Madars, he crusie’s to  Portugal with the Element crew for the European Make It Count finals



It’s A Mad World – Ep17



In part 2 of Madars Apse  Barcelona adventure,  Madars is on a street mission and heads to famous Catalonian spot



It’s A Mad World Ep 16


In the new episode of “It’s A Mad World”, Madars hits his old stomping ground Barcelona and went on a  filming mission for his upcoming parts and caught up with his homies



It’s A Mad World – Ep15




Watch part 3 of the Red Bull tour see’s Madars and co wrapping the trip up in Thailand