Agenda Fall 16′ Preview

It’s that time of year again, AGENDA in the LBC ( Long Beach, Cali. ).  We got a preview what’s going to be hot for Fall 16′ from some of your favorite skateboard brands.  Here is a example of what we think it’s going to be hot for Fall 16′:
Zoo York Skateboarding:
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 Zoo York has always made it a point to represent NYC with their graphics and their aesthetic. Ben Oleynik has led the brand well and the team is banging! Zoo has a nice mix on the team: from the established such as Kevin Taylor and Ron Deily to the up-and-comers like Black Dave, Gavin Nolan, and Kevin Tierney. They even gave Mr. Tierney a capsule collection to celebrate his “Train of Thought” video part, which pays tribute to classic Zoo York videos of the past. His skating and his artwork for the collection stand out. Congrats to Kevin. Also to Zoo for making some of the best boards out there. Made right in the Chapman compound on Long Island. Zoo is truly an all-american brand. Check them out at and give them a follow on the Insta: @zooyorkofficial
Treats Skateboard Wax:
I’ll straight out say it, there’s a lot of skate wax brands out there. That’s all there is to it. Many are good, but a ton have no imagination to their product. Brett and the boys have it going on! Treats is one of the most original brands in skateboarding. Period.  Pineapples, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies? Serious!?! My favorite was the giant jelly beans. Bang in! This brand is having a lot of fun ain’t that what skateboarding is all about? Kelvin Hoefler is getting a signature wax-and it’s inspired by treats in his homeland Brazil. I saw it and it looks soooo good! Just wait. The Treats oven is baking!!! Follow them on the Insta @treatsskateboardwax and when you start jonesin for the sweets- hit them up at
 unnamed (12)
Converse’ foothold is unprecedented in skateboarding. From the Chucks to the Dr. Jay’s to the One Star, they been killing the game. The team is on point with riders like Kenny Anderson, Zered Bassett, and Louie Lopez among others. The shoes looked amazing but my favorite at the show is the Cons Metric CLS. Clean and looks real good for skating and for chilli’n. I need these! Give them a follow on the Insta @converse and on the web
unnamed (13)
 Circa is still in the beginnings of a rebirth and doing quite well at that. The collection has a nice mix of skate and chill kicks for the skater that wants both. Soon to be released is the Gravette X Creature Skateboards collabo. The suede is a two-tone. As you skate more and wear thru the suede, a secondary colorway pops thru. Reminds me of back in the day when the sneaker color really didn’t matter- they were still gonna get spray painted! As it wore thru- the original colorway popped thru. Nice concept! Another collabo is the C1rca x LowCard Mag set- and there’s a coozie that goes with it. This brand knows how to pay homage. Adrian Lopez continues to be involved with the brand. His models have always been some of my all-time favorites. Check them on the web go to and the Insta is @c1rca
DC Shoes:
unnamed (4)
DC continues to shine with their shoe designs and materials used. They not shy when it comes to experimenting! Their supersede technology continues to perform well and it looks good too. Check out the Felipe Gustavo Pro. Clean lines and smooth as fuck. I wanna rock these! Another model that caught my eye is the Evan Smith Pro. Very simple but clean design no bells and whistles here. Evan has that in his skating. The Smith def looks to be a very functional shoe. DC continues to push their limits. Nice work. on the Insta: @dcshoes
Mighty Healthy:
unnamed (5)
 Ray Mate’ has got that NYC steez showing in his Mighty Healthy label. Since 2004, MH has been making a statement. Clean lines, styles for miles, and innovative ideas? Sounds NY to me! How bout this? A cap with a griptape block on the front!? Bust out the paint pens and customize skaters!  The line has all their bases covered when it comes to coming correct when stepping out da crib. Congrats to Ray and the gang. It’s on! Check the line at and the Insta @mightyhealthyny
Nixon Watches:
unnamed (11)
Nixon has always been about class. Beautiful functional watches for the skater that likes to accessorizes. Their collections are always based on themes that skaters are down for. My favorites: The C-3PO and R-2D2 watches. Why? Come on – it’s Star Wars! Don’t really need to say much more- do I? The other was the James Hetfield watch. Yes, the lead singer of Metallica. Powerful like he is.  When they were on the come-up the band was known as a bunch of beer drinking skate rats. Yo! Sounds like me! Ha! Nixon killed it with these sets. Check to see more amazing products and follow them on the Insta: @nixon_now
Baker Boys Distribution:
unnamed (6)
 Jeff Lenoce showed me what’s good. Shake Junt in multiple colorways with the good grip. Can’t go wrong with boobies on the tape! Deathwish graphics on point. All hail Lizard King!!! The Baker logo boards in the candy colors set me off. But the best graphic here has to be Dustin Dollin’s D3 shoe graphic. WTF!?! If you don’t know about the history with this shoe-check it. Don’t get me started here. and @bakerboysdist on the Insta. Get to it!
Element Skateboarding:
unnamed (10)
Since 1992, Element has always been at the forefront of skateboarding. Wether it be in board design, graphics, clothing, working with kids thru Element Camp, or even thru sponsorship innovation has always been key. Many many pros have gone thru their doors and/or got their start here. The Brandon Westgate and Ray Barbee collections have dope pieces that can work in any situation: whether your going out with your girl or out in the streets with the homies. Element will always have what you need. Another highlight was their jacket/sleeping bag combo that can be separated by just a zipper. I need one of these! Peep the line at and the Insta @elementbrand
Branch Distribution:
unnamed (14)
After I was shown Element’s softgoods line, I was sent to check out the hardgoods over at the distributor booth Branch. Skate legend Donny Barley was gracious enough to show me what’s good over here. Just like the soft goods. Element’s board collection had me hyped! Donny showed me a line of pants that the brand is doing called “The Burley’s” Yes, Another reason to respect Element cause they down for the OG’s that came before. The chino’s were on point. PlanB continues to bring it with their ‘black ice’ board designs and incredible skate team. OG Jason Jessee’s Hard Luck bearing company was also well represented. Just saying: Scott Kane and Mike Maldonado ride for them.. That should say a lot! Branch also carries Mike Anderson’s Loud Headphones brand. They also carry Nick Trapasso’s LE skateboards brand. Only top quality brands under Branch Distribution’s umbrella.
web:                          Insta: @branchdistribution
unnamed (3)
Etnies “Built by Skateboarding” ethos is a testament to their commitment to skateboarding. Celebrating 30 yrs is no easy feat to attain and few companies can claim to be around that length of time. The Marana Bloodline Series gives the riders their own colorways to choose from. Both in a vulc and cupsole- these sneakers are banging! The STI Evolution Foam used in the shoes has 3 formulas: Comfortable as Fuck(Scout), Tough as Fuck(Highlite), and Go big as Fuck(Marana). This works well with me! Go to and check out the whole line, and follow on the Insta @etniesskateboarding
Altamont Apparel:
unnamed (8)
These boys have always made the dopest flannels. Altamont can’t be touched there. Their collabo with SubPop Records caught my eye big time!  Always with the style- Altamont continues to shine with the button downs, tees, and denim. Peep the goods at and def follow them on the Insta: @altamont
Pizzanista pizza boxes with the banging graphics. The brand is run by legendary skater Salman Agah. My favorite was the My Rules cover the photo of Ian MacKaye shot by Glen E. Freidman. I have the book. Amazing read. Get it! Salman’s pizza is off the hook. Try them.  On the web and on the Insta @pizzanista
Primitive Skate:
The Frank Frazetta series over at Primitive Skateboards. All are wall bangers in my book. Gorgeous artwork by one of my all time favorites. Primitive knows how to do this! Check it out for yourself and on Insta @primitiveskate
Scumco and Sons:
unnamed (7)
Scumco and Sons is a small brand outta Pittsburgh, PA doing big things. Crazy good artwork. My bravo’s pro model Kyle Nicholson’s pro model jumped out at me. Dope gear with that Steel City mentality. Hyped. Go to the web and check them out Def follow them on the Insta @scumcosons
Hobie Polarized:
Hobie Polarized has a brand new Hydro lenses and retainer clips for hands free fun! the Hydro Collection features the latest, most innovative product from Hobie Polarized. The Hydro Collection features advanced Hydro Infinity polarized lens technology, including easy to clean dual-sided coatings that repel water, sweat and sunscreen from building up. Additional features include a proprietary anti-fog gasket that prevents fogging by keeping the face constantly cool, and a fully adjustable and removable integrated retainer system, keeping you connected to your Hobie’s and hands free at all times. Retail is $99.  Go to the web and check them out  Def follow them on the Insta @hobbiepolarized  – HA

The Street Demon Teaser


Awesome new video coming out Featuring Jess Atmore, Zach Barton, Mitch Phillips, Josh Green, Brett Gifford, Jetski, Bradley Sheppard, Sheldon Meleshinski, Geoff Strelow, Jamie Tancowny, Zane Cushing and Many More.