B Roll At The Beach

Olloclip Commerical

TENSOR 10 By Manolo

olloCollective Commercial

Andalé Bearings Team Edit Volume 1


Andale Bearings released its first team edit volume 1 featuring ‘Joey Brezinski, Paul Rodriguez, Daewon Song, Marc Johnson, Guy Mariano, Lucas Puig, Manny Santiago, Ryan Sheckler, JB Gillet, Kevin Romar and much more…..”



Tensor Commercial



Tensor released a commercial for Joey Brezinski Pro MagLight Emblem Truck that is available at your local skate shop



olloclip Studio Review





4yrs ago, olloclip was introduce to the world and it changed how we take our photos on our iPhone. Now, they are introducing to the world “olloclip Studio” its the new Studio Case that’s alot easier for us to film skateboard, surf, and snowboard videos or shoot photos too.  See what the director of design at olloclip, Chong Pak had to say about the olloclip Studio, “When we set out to design the integrated accessories, we went back to the basics and looked at the variety of ways people hold their phones. From this research, we created the simplest and most intuitive way to grip your phone, enabling you to be more immersed in the capture process than ever before.”





The olloclip Studio includes:

Studio Case – available for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Finger Grip – a versatile and ingenious two-finger universal grip, which is great for increased stability while taking photos, filming video or broadcasting with apps like Periscope. It enables the photographer to quickly change from portrait to landscape orientation without even thinking about it.

1/4-20 Clips to attach a tripod, grip or handles. Includes mounts for both landscape and portrait orientation.

Cold-Shoe Adapters to attach lightweight accessories to the iPhone in a snap, like a microphone or light. The shoe was designed to offset the center of gravity of the accessory, so it’s directly in line with the iPhone’s centerline, thus creating a more balanced experience when attaching multiple accessories.

Kickstand – a new stand attachment for watching a movie or reading your favorite book or blog.



olloclip Studio will be available in both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus format and is estimated to retail for $89.99.  olloclip Studio will be available for late September 2015 at your local skate shop



Is the skate video really dead?



Red Bull wants to know is skate videos really dead cause of  modern digital age?  featuring “Ryan Decenzo, Zered Bassett, Torey Pudwill, Felipe Gustavo, Erik Bragg, Ty Evans, Steve Berra, Chris Thiessen, Wes Kremer, Joey Brezinski, and Dane Burman”



Red Bull – Skate the Bay



Red Bull krew “Joey Brezinski, Alex Milder, & Felipe Gustavo” went to the Tampa Bay area to “Skate The Bay”