Alex Davis



Watch Alex Davis shreds the streets of Cincinnati 






Watch Al Davis shred at  the Lockwood Cons Spot in New York City



Habitat Commercial



Habitat released a commerical for their collaboration with OATW with 2 tees and an 8.125 deck available at your local skate shop



Habitat Newest Pro

Habitat would like welcome its newest pro “Marius Syvanen” and you can grab his new pro board at your local skate shop






Habitat krew “Silas, Brian and Mark” head down to Colombia to do some shredding in the streets in 2012



Search The Horizon Commercial



Habitat opened its vault and found this coomercial from 411VM 2004


Huge Pro Party!




On June 14th, Atlas is throwing a huge pro party for Mark Suciu in San Mateo, Ca



Habitat Welcomes……






Habitat would like to welcome Mark Suciu and Brian Delatorre to the pro ranks