Zoo York in Barcelona

Friends, Banks and Shirts



Pierre Prospero skated spots in Paris, London, Barcelona, Roma, Belgrade, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dubaî, Warsaw, Napoli, Sophia, Bari, and  Palermo to make this 2min video



The DC Embassy: Cyril Jackson

DC Shoes new Am Cyril Jackson comes thru with this dope edit from The DC Embassy in Barcelona.

Skating Barcelona


After three weeks of skating in Barcelona, Roman Lisivka, Dani Delgado Bermudez, Matej Kardelis, and Kubo Krizo got this footage.

Jart Skateboards Session


Jart Skateboards has some footage of a few team riders skating a stair set in Barcelona.

Enjoy Barcelona



Karl Healy and  Andreas Adametz  shred and enjoies Barcelona

Small Wheels International


Small Wheels has some footage of Anton Myhrvold in Barcelona.