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Matthew Morley


matthew Morley


What’s your name?

Matthew James Morley


Years skating?

I have been skateboarding for 10 years


Who are your sponsors?

I skate for Zoo York Benelux


How did you come to these sponsors?

True Skateboard Mag Europe is very close with the team manager and I guess they noticed me and put in a good word for me over the next couple days I was contacted by the team manager who is a really cool guy.


What’s your set up consist of?

My setup consists of ricta wheel dynamics, Andrew Reynolds pro model independent trucks, a zero skateboards deck, MOB griptape, bones swiss bearings


How did u get into skateboarding?

My friend jarred and I were jumping on the trampolene at my house back in the day and suddenly we heard this loud noise coming down the street from my house and then we saw a skater skate past with a smile on hiis face and it just looked really cool and full of freedom so I went to my dad (James Morley) the next day he came home from work with one of those old school skateboards, this was the happiest day of my childhood and I havent stopped skateboarding since that day.


Who is your favorite skater?

Favorite skater would have to be brandon westgate because of the amount of crazy pop he has its a big choice between him and steez Ortiz


Favorite spot to skate?

Has got to be the moses mabhida stadium in Durban south africa its just so smooth and its pretty much a bust now because of security but we take what we can get, its got stairs and smooth ledges as well as sick manny pads





Best thing about skateboarding?

The best thing about skateboarding for me would have to be how it clears my mind like if im having troubles at home or if i’m upset about something then I can just go and skate and it all just seems to go away and I believe that skaters see the world in a different view point to what other people see it.


What were the best trips you went on, thanks to skateboarding?

My best trip would have to be malloof money cup, many memories were made with all my homies and some great skateboarding went down, also got the opportunity to have a few beers with some legendary professionals such as Jake Brown, Luan de Olivera, Bob Burnquist and Louie Lopez


What are your best results?

Best results for me would be placing 1st in the Maloof Money cup street qualifiers this was a great day for me


Worst trend in skateboarding?

Worst trend in skateboarding would have to be skinny jeans, they are the worst things ever creates hahaha, they dont alliw your balls to breath and they make you look like a queer, baggy isn’t great either , slim fit is the way.


Any good skate stories?

This is a story but theres nothing to great about it, it was the day after Christmas and I decided to go for a session at our local skatepark until I got a bit too stoked and over my head and tried something without thinking which ended me up in hospital I broke my fibia,tibia,ankle, leg as well as cracked my knee cap hahaha it was madness and the food in hospital wasn’t the best either.


Whats your go to trick at any spot?

My go to trick at any spot would have to either be inward heelflips or late pop shuvs I love the feeling that these produce.


A Perfect day, what would it be?

The perfect day for me would be just skating streets with the homies and getting footage live just chilling with friends and doing what I love it makes me happy.


Shout outs hate outs words of wisdom?

Id like to firstly send a shout out to my mom (Shan Morley), dad (James Morley), my sister (Caitlin Morley), my beautiful girlfriend (Amy Casten) as well as her sister (Candice Casten ) as well as all the little kids from the park, Zoo York Benelux and the cloudy brothers , id like to thank each and every one of these special people in my life for being the driving force behind me doing what I love these are the people who inspire me to push harder and never give up on what I love thank you Trueskateboardmag for such a great interview really do appreciate it, I love you all. – Anton


DAAN Van Der Linden



Daan copy-2



How long have you been skating? What got you into it?

I’ve been skating since i was like 7 i think about 10 years? ive started skating because of my friends and the game tony hawk proskater


Did it start as just another hobby or did you plan on doing it as a career?

I dont know if its like a hobby i just skate i guess.


Just to make sure we’re up-to-date. Who are your sponsors and what is your board set-up?

My sponsors are: 100% Skateshop, Area51skatepark, antihero skateboards, spitfire wheels, independent trucks, vans , volcom.


You won the Dutch Championships Skateboarding last week. Congratulations! By what tricks did you become the winner?

I think of the tricks in the end.




You also won the Dutch Championships Miniramp this year. Is 2013 the first year you won the Dutch Championships or do you’ve already earned this title in the previous years?

I’ve earned dutch chapionship in i think 2012 for miniramp.


Besides Dutch champion, what are your other best results?

I’ve won the Varazze miniramp contest I think thats my best result


What do you do when you aren’t skating?

I play guitar and hang with the gang


Who is your favorite skater?

John Cardiel




Are there any tricks that you really want to learn?

I realy want to learn switch frontside heelflips.


Have you been filming footage for any upcoming parts?

Yes i’m filming for the video Straatparaat, from Remco Steeghs, and a webpart with Jan maarten Sneep.


How’s your contest and travel schedule look like in the next months?

I dont know try to hit as many spots and a bowl contest in germany.


20131005-_DSC1236Daan Van Der Linden-2


What is the nicest thing you’ve been through thanks to skateboarding?

The nicest thing that happend to me because of skateboarding is just alot of good times.


Where do you hope your skating career will be in five years? Ten years?

I hope uhm that i can still skate then and do what i do now – Anton