Feeble 360 flip out Youness Amrani

Youness shut down the house and won with 2 feeble 360 flip outs at AmsterDamn Am 2013 Best Trick. Sewa got a 360 flip noseslide 270 shuv out, and Rob Maatman got a nollie bigspin to fs board the hard way.

Videographer: Roeland Bentvelzen
Skaters: Youness Amrani, Rob Maatman, Sewa Kroetkov

How Nassim Guammaz Won AmsterDamn Am 2013

You can see here how Nassim won the Amsterdamn Am 2013 in Skatepark Amsterdam.


Nassim Guammaz is the winner of the Amsterdamn Am 2013



Congrats to Nassim Guammaz for winning the Amsterdamn Am 2013!
Want to know how he did that? The video is coming soon!

Follow the AmsterdamnAm on live screaming.



Check here the list of the qualified skaters.
Check here the semi-finals and finals live.

AmsterDamn Am 2013 – Day One Practice

Day one Practice.

Marnix Bowl – AmsterDamn Am 2013

Some sick tricks at the Marnix Bowl in Amsterdam.

Flashback: Amsterdamn Am 2012 finals


This weekend is it time for the biggers contest in The Netherlands, The AmsterDamn Am!
Check out the highlights of the Finals and Best Trick from last year.

Amsterdam Am


Teaser Amsterdamn Am 2013


Teaser Amsterdamn Am 2013 made by Volcom.